Cycling Valley

Cycling Valley is not only a project presented by people, but a result of the vision and point of view of a whole city towards bicycle.

We have looked into the past, today and future of Cycling Valley which has aroused in Sakarya and become an example for Turkey and then to the whole world.

Cycling Valley is a facility, which warms up the bikers in Sakarya as the sun does to sunflowers that turn their faces to the sun. This centre, construction of which started in 2017 and was completed in September 2018, guarantees not only the past and the present but also the future of cycling in Sakarya.

The director of 2020 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship who witnessed the life story of Cycling Valley, Aziz Sırnaç says, “Cycling Valley is not only a project presented by people, but a result of the vision and point of view of a whole city towards bicycle”.

When the period between the time the first stakes were put in the ground and the completion of such a big project is considered, it is clearly seen that the facility has been put into service of the country’s cycling and sports in a very short period of time. This is the result of the fact that Metropolitan Municipality of Sakarya embraces the facility as its own child.

Cycling Valley is built on 180 acres of land and it has a four-kilometre cross-country track, an Olympic Cross-Country track, the first Cyclocross track in Turkey, and a BMX track convenient for world championships and Olympic competitions.

As it can be understood, we are talking about a complete complex facility for cycling. In addition to the tracks, everything related to cycling was considered within the facility: bicycle sales centres, cafeterias, and technical units together with administrative offices. We can say that Cycling Valley is literally a biking centre.

However, the projects reflecting the vision of the city are not limited to this. Here, I would like to announce a good news that another project will start to be the first activity in the country. Upon the request of Ekrem Yüce, Mayor of Sakarya, we started working on turning the open-air velodrome in Cycling Valley into a professional velodrome of 250 meters.

Did you know?
A World Class BMX track
There is a velodrome for training within the BMX track. BMX track was built entirely under the supervision and directives of UCI (World Bicycle Association). Experts from UCI ensured that the track was built according to the world standards.

Cycling Valley is a facility that lives 365 days a year. Cycling complex is open for the service of district residents every hour of the day regardless of summer, winter, weekdays, and weekends, day and night. Cycling Valley in which people walk or make picnic, offers a great opportunity to make cycling popular among people.

In addition to embrace the people of Sakarya, the facility has become a stopover point for athletes. The valley, where cyclists perform their trainings especially during the winter months, has been intimate with the world of professional racing as of its establishment. Within two years, the valley hosted many organisations such as MTB Competition, Turkey Championships, 55th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey.

We can clearly see that both the public and local governments are committed to cycling in Sakarya. It can be clearly determined that the steps taken quickly are not random steps.

In fact, nothing happens on its own. All of the developments related with cycling in Sakarya are an action reaction event. As the result of Sakarya Mountain Bike Championship and following successful organizations, the promotion of Sakarya and even our country triggered the process extending to 2020 Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship. In short, the gathering of small rings generated a big impact.